Screen recording & collaboration tool for modern


Record any window on your screen, in 2 clicks or less, get a link to share instantly
Lightning-fast and elegant collaboration.
NewSuper fast processing, with M1 support in Tape 2.0!

Fast & easy recording

Capture your entire screen, or a specific app. Instantly get a link back that you can share

Communicate Effectively

Collaborating, especially remotely, is hard! Show what you mean through a gif or video of any window

Reclaim your calendar

Stop wasting time! Communicate clearly without long progress update calls, or emails back and forth

Ready to get started?

Download Tape, and work smarter

Super charge your collaboration with asynchronous communication. 2 clicks to screen share - talk through what you mean, highlight parts to draw attention to, and instantly get a link back.

No more battling timezones, scheduling nightmares or misunderstood emails!

What's the difference?

Screen recording, for your team

No matter what you do, communication is key! Lightning-fast and elegant collaboration, whether you're a dev, PM, designer, QA, Marketing or Support

Explain like you're pro

Accelerate your collaboration, without lengthy emails or difficult-to-schedule catchups

Stay in the loop

Stay informed while avoiding those costly, endless meetings. Tape makes show and tell easy!

Overlay your webcam on your screen recording

Add your webcam video, or just your audio. Communicate clearly, without interrupting your team (or your flow)

Bug reports actually make sense

Do you really need a long set of instructions to reproduce the bug when your test team can just send you a Tape?

Tape lets me collaborate, especially when working remotely, with devs, designers and product people fast πŸš€ ..

It's 100% part of my workflow. Seal of approval 🦦 from me!”
Convinced yet?

Progress meetings are a drain. Work smarter.

Dashboard screenshot
Three Reasons to Tape

Super charge your


Improve communication within your team, or with clients or users


Handy Dashboard

The dashboard gives you easy access to all your tapes, with filters to easily hunt down that recording you were looking for


A picture says a 1000 words

It really is easy to share an gif or video to explain what you mean. With or without your webcam


Tape fits into your workflow

Whether its for customer support, or raising descriptive pull requests, or just showing off the latest progress to your clients.

Simple, fair pricing

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Single purchase or subscription - choose what best suits you, or your team.


Special OfferTape 2.0 Launch pricing!

Tape App Only

Super charge your collaboration with Tape MacOS, with some of our Cloud features. Best for indies and light users



One time purchase

or get started with a free trial


  • Tape MacOS App, with 2 click screen recording
  • 20 Active Tape Uploads
  • Tapes automatically expire after 3 or 7 days
  • Unlimited offline recording

Tape Cloud

Convenient features for professionals and teams. Get the full Premium experience with all our Cloud features!



USD / mo per seat

Billed $47.88 yearly


  • Unlimited Tape Uploads
  • Customisable expiry time
  • Pay for you and your team
  • Password protected/Private tapes* Coming Soon
  • 2-click cancel any time

Need more details? Compare all the features on our pricing page